Saturday, July 27, 2013

Update on Miley's schooling

First, the good. Miley has been adjusting really well in school. We can see that she's really enjoying herself because whenever we bring her inside the school grounds, she runs inside her classroom and starts playing with the other kids. Her vocabulary has also increased and improved. Sometimes, we'll hear her saying words that we didn't even know she knew! And she's also starting to learn how to write some letters and draw shapes. :)

But then, there's also the bad. About 3 weeks into school, I picked up Miley on a Monday and was told by one of the aides that she was still inside because her teacher was talking to her. I asked if anything was wrong and the aide said to just wait for the teacher. My heart started beating a little faster. My gosh, wala pang 1 month kakausapin na ako ng teacher! Well, to make the long story short, Miley would apparently hug her classmates and not let go, so then they would fall to the floor. Basically, she was the one who started this "game" so all the other kids started hugging each other too and they ended up all rolling on the floor. Then there was a also a little shouting and not listening situation. Well, the thing was, the teacher was not Miley's regular teacher (who was on leave that day) so we figured maybe Miley just wasn't used to this new person in the classroom. But anyway, the resolution was to just talk to Miley about it.

On Wednesday, I wasn't feeling well so hubby picked up Miley from school. Well, Miley's regular teacher was back and she requested to talk to hubby too! The issue this time was that Miley had a schoolmate (different section) who she found super cute. Actually, I saw the little girl before na and cute naman talaga She was very small and chubby and I guess Miley saw her as a doll or "baby sister". Miley would apparently get "gigil" with the girl and sometimes pinch and run after her. The little girl became afraid of Miley tuloy and the parents were scared baka matrauma na to go to school. Also, Miley was still doing her "hugging game" which would really disrupt class. She also didn't finish her seatwork that day and started running holding a pencil. Of course, the teacher ran after her too and took the pencil away. Miley started crying and said "I want my Mommy! I'll only listen to my Mommy!"

Ayayay! You see, when I was a kid, my mom never had any problems with me in school. Even in preschool, I was always a star student (not to brag or anything ;p). I guess I kind of expected it to be the same for me, that's why I was really affected when barely a month into school and we're getting this kind of feedback. Promise, I couldn't sleep sa sobrang affected!

Hubby and I talked to Miley about it but I was really confused as to how to address the situation. Miley kasi loves kids and playing with other children. She's also very affectionate since we hug and kiss her all the time and we encourage her to be the same with her brother. Now tuloy, we're telling her not to hug her classmates - only Sabe, mom, dad (and family). We also tell her not to pinch or run after anyone, and to be more specific, to just stay away from the little girl for now. Pero baka naman we're restricting her from making new friends? Haaay it's so hard to be a parent sometimes...

Anyway, we talked again to the teacher a couple of days after to check on Miley's behavior and according to her, there was a big improvement already. YEY! *big sigh of relief!*

Now just last Thursday, I picked Miley up from school. I was just in the car (in major pambahay no less) waiting for yaya to get her, when the teacher came outside to talk to me. She said there was an accident a while ago and someone got bitten. My first thought was that Miley bit someone! But apparently it was the other way around. Here's the accident report slip I was given:

It was during playtime when all the kids (even those from other sections) play together. Miley hugged Javi (a boy from another section) and I guess Javi didn't like to be hugged or he found it too tight. So he bit her. Of course Miley cried (a LOT) and they placed cold compress on her arm. Here's a picture I took 3 days after, and you can see the bruise is still showing... my poor baby!

Hubby was more upset than me and wanted to talk to the directress of the school on the phone just to check how the situation was handled. According to the school, they were able to separate the kids naman at once and also to talk to the boy and his parents as well. Also, they would keep a watchful eye on Miley and the boy in the coming days to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Good thing Miley is very resilient and she's used to getting bitten by her brother (naku, baka next year si Sabe naman ang may issue with biting someone lol!) so I don't think that experience will traumatize her. In fact, it was as if nothing happened the next day when we brought her to school, she was still excited as ever to play with her classmates. I just hope we don't have any more issues or accidents anytime soon... my gosh kakastart pa lang ng schoolyear diba!

Sorry if this post is really long and bordering on rambling... I just get very emotional sometimes thinking how my baby is in school and I have to trust the teachers/faculty to look after her while we're not there. I just wish that we could be with the kids ALL the time to see what and how they're doing, but of course that's impossible. I just always pray that my kids will be kept safe and away from harm during the times that they're not with me. And to think this is just nursery! I'm sure it will get more challenging when they get older. Don't you wish sometimes that your kids can stay babies forever? Haaaay...

Well, I really hope that I won't have to blog about any bad incident again regarding Miley in school. Hopefully, it will all go uphill from here. Wish us luck! :)

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