Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Royal Baby is here!

First of all, just want to share that our whole family has been sick these past few days. Miley was the first one to get colds and we all soon followed suit. My throat hurts, my nose is all stuffy, and I just want to lay in bed all day. :( Well, one good thing I've been getting a lot of nowadays, aside from sleep, is news about the royal baby!

If you've been living under a rock and haven't heard by now, Kate Middleton gave birth to her and Prince William's son, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge last July 22 at St. Mary's Hospital in London. Like millions of people across the world, I've been eagerly awaiting the birth of this baby ever since it was announced that Kate was pregnant. Actually, ever since before, I've sort of been obsessed with Prince William (especially when he was younger and had way more hair ;p). I've had the biggest crush on him growing up and I've always believed in my heart that I someday I would marry him (hey, a girl can dream right? lol!).

But I was so happy when he finally married Kate and even happier now that their family is complete! I actually watched the news live in the wee hours of the morning after it was announced that the baby was a boy (I really thought it was gonna be a girl!). I missed their first public appearance with the baby though because I honestly didn't think they would leave the hospital so soon. And when I saw the pics of Kate, I couldn't believe how fresh and perfect she looked! I mean look at that, she looks so gorgeous a day after giving birth! My gosh, parang walang nangyari! She doesn't even look manas (my nose, hands, and feet were still totally swollen after I gave birth). I love the fact that her post-baby bump is showing though, which proves that yes, tao din talaga siya lol!

A day after I first give birth (normal delivery), I don't think I was able to walk properly so soon. In fact, I actually fainted the first time I tried walking to go to the bathroom hehe! And I used a wheelchair as much as I could the whole time I was in the hospital and walked very sloooowly around the house the first few days after I got home. And here's Kate, just 24 hours after and even wearing heels! Well, I guess it would be different if I knew the whole world was watching. I'm sure even I would muster up the energy to pose and wave to the crowd hehe!

So now, Kate is my peg when I give birth again. I hope to even look even halfway as decent as her the first 24 hours after (hmmm, now where to get a blue polka dot dress? lol!) Sana lang I have a hairstylist and make-up artist din with me noh! ;p But again, congrats to the new parents and can't wait for more news and pictures of this future king in the coming days. :)

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