Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I hate being sick!

Right now, I'm still feeling like crap, much like the past few days. This all started when Miley had sipon a few weeks ago which turned into serious colds and cough. Of course, we all got infected soon after - first Sabe, then me, then hubby. The kids are doing a bit better already, especially Miley who just has some mild cough right now. Sabe had on and off fever the past couple of days. Look how kawawa he looks in this picture with the KoolFever on his head... :(

I especially hate it when the kids are sick since it's so hard for them to drink medicine! The medicines for colds and cough are bad enough, but then their pedia had to give them antibiotics already. And they absolutely HATE it! They can already tell if that's the antibiotic since it's a white thick syrup, as compared to the clear liquid of the regular medicines. And all hell breaks loose! We have to hold them down kicking and screaming and then once they drink it, they've somehow managed to learn how to throw it back up! We've then resorted to mixing it with their milk, but Sabe can tell and refuses to drink it. Haaaay!

At least they seem to be doing so much better already. I just think this is really the time of year when a lot of people get sick. Last year, this was also around the same time we all got colds too. I just hope we all get better SOON! I can't stand having a sore throat, an extremely stuffed nose, and coughing like a dog anymore! :(

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