Friday, July 12, 2013

Bustling Bangkok

Last month, I went with hubby to Bangkok during a 3-day work related trip. I've been to Bangkok twice before (and both times when I was pregnant! so technically, Miley and Sabe have been there too ;p) and have already done all the touristy things like the city tour, temples, floating market, dinner cruise, etc. So this time, I just wanted to spend some quality time with hubby and of course, to shop til I drop hehe! And besides, tagging along on business trips are always the best since we just paid for my airplane fare. Free na un hotel then may per diem pa si hubby hehe!

We were booked at the Arnoma Hotel, which was excellent location wise. It was right across CentralWorld Mall and beside Big C Supercenter, which was a grocery and department store. It was also a few minutes walk from Platinum Mall, the best shopping place ever! And it was also walking distance to the train station.

right across the hotel, CentralWorld, one of our favorite malls in BKK
of course, hindi pwede palampasin ang picture in their mall photobooth ;p

Hubby and I split up during the afternoon and I immediately went to Platinum Mall, which is my favorite place to shop here. During my first time in BKK, I swear, my sister and I practically spent the entire trip here. I've been to markets like Pratunam and Chatuchak, but it's Platinum I keep coming back to. I like the fact that it's aircon and clean and I just find the clothes and accessories so much better. It can get overwhelming though since it's 6 floors of pure shopping paradise (most of the floors are dedicated to ladies wear, but there's a floor for the guys and kids too ;p). Sorry I don't have photos of the inside since bawal to take pics, although I think that's the last thing you'll think of once you go through the entrance lol! Take note, their prices are usually final (you get discount though if you buy wholesale, which is 2 pieces or more), you can't fit the clothes, and no return / no exchange.

my happy place!

Even though I did quite a bit of damage to our pocket money here, I think I was much smarter and controlled this time compared to previous trips. Before, I wouldn't even think twice about buying something as long as it was cheap, even though I didn't like it so much or it didn't fit properly. Plus, since the price drops significantly if you buy at least 2 pieces, I'd always get 2 or more of something para lang may discount. This time, I made sure I was really going to wear it before I bought it. And I wasn't afraid of spending a little more if I knew it was a classic piece and of good quality. I'm happy to say I love everything I bought and they all fit perfectly (whew!).

The nice view while walking from Platinum back to our hotel (sa kabilang side kasi puro traffic and squatters ang view)

The next day, hubby and I checked out Terminal 21, a mall we had never been to before. We took the train and good thing hubby knows his way around or I'll probably get lost by myself. I'll blog about the mall separately since it has quite an interesting concept. Anyway, we spent a good couple of hours here since aside from exploring the place, there was also an H&M store which was on SALE! What was funny is that it was hubby who ended up shopping so much here! Nung una, kunwari titingin lang daw, then before I knew it, ang dami nang hawak na hanger! I bought just 3 items (a dress, a top, and pants), while hubby practically bought an entire wardrobe! May suit pa ha! Pero it was all good, I love it when he gets excited shopping for clothes. ;p Besides, according to him, he only shops when he's with me naks!

ready to do some serious walking
the Bangkok Skywalk (their pedestrian walkway)
next stop: Terminal 21
rain, rain go away
look who's shopping now!

We were supposed to go to Asiatique after, a night bazaar by the river where you have to take a boat. But since it looked like it was going to rain, and the fact that we were so tired and tamad already, we just went back to the hotel to rest and have dinner at CentralWorld.

trying on the stuff we bought hehe!

The next day was mostly spent in Platinum again and then just eating and chilling out while waiting for our flight later that afternoon.

Sawadee Kha
at the airport, with the only cultural picture I have from this trip

It was a short and sweet vacation, but in my opinion, just the right amount of time if shopping is the only thing on your itinerary. Another day more and ubos na talaga ang pera namin hihi! Anyway, goodbye Bangkok and see you again soon! :)

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