Sunday, July 21, 2013

My new clothes from Bangkok

Here are some of my shopping loot from my trip to Bangkok last month. I'm just going to post my favorite buys since the others are just basics and if I post all, naku baka ilang pages tong post na to haha! ;p

I believe my style is evolving from being super trendy to more classic. Especially since I'm a mom, so I want to wear easy fitting and comfortable clothes, that still look elegant and appropriate for my age (nothing too sexy or tight please ;p). Before, most of the stuff I'd buy were prints and patterns in really loud and bright colors. I still like prints and colors but I'm now leaning more towards classic cuts and pieces that I know I can wear again and again.

This dress is probably my favorite buy  from the entire trip! I love the style, the color, the flowers, everything!

I also bought a couple more of these type of dresses which can go from casual to a more dressy occasion. I find that I also tend to gravitate towards the color beige or nude these days. :)

Of course, I couldn't resist buying white, classic tops (including the timeless polo) that I can wear practically everyday...

Well, I still couldn't resist a little print in my life! Here's a dress I got for only 200 baht or around P300! ;p

I also love stripes and the cut of this shirt makes it such a classic piece..

Denim is so hot right now and I couldn't resist buying these sleeveless polos for just P200 each! Love the studded details on the pockets and collar too!

I was supposed to give this shirt to my sister but decided to keep it for myself after hehe! I just love shirts that are longer in the back so I can wear them with leggings without exposing my butt lol. And I love the ants design (even the kids love it too!) ;p

Here are the stuff I bought from H&M. I love the color and details on this dress, like the tie-back and neckline...

This shirt is something I can see myself overusing. And it's so soft and comfortable to wear too!

I've been looking for the perfect pair of white jeans and I finally found them! On sale at 200 baht or about P300!

I mostly bought clothes, but I also got some necklaces like the ones below...

Can't wait to wear all these new stuff! But I also have to do some major closet clean-up soon! ;p



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