Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Miley's 1st magazine appearance!

Guess who's inside Disney's Princess magazine's June 2013 issue? Our very own little princess Miley! :)

I sent her picture last March to be featured in the Princess Postbag section and have been checking the newsstands monthly for the next issue of the magazine. When we went to the grocery yesterday, I finally saw the magazine and eagerly opened one up to see if she had been chosen. And when I saw her photo, I was so happy I was literally jumping up and down at the cashier hehe! Miley was there too and she couldn't believe she was in the magazine! She kept saying "It's me! It's me!" Daddy and Yaya were so excited too when I showed it to them, I swear we were so noisy while we were paying for our groceries! ;p

We bought a couple of copies for the grandparents and of course to keep as a remembrance. It's so funny how excited we were over this, what more if she was featured in a print ad or in a TV commercial kaya? Haha super stage mom! I'm just so happy that she can see herself in her favorite magazine and dressed in her favorite ball gown too, since I'm sure that every little girl dreams to be a princess right? :)


  1. Hi ate helene! (feeling close?.. hehe) I found your blog by chance when i was planning my baby girl's 1st bday with a candy theme. That was a year ago na and im now planning her 2nd bday and my bunso's christening. Sabay na para we can have a party for baby girl's second bday. i love reading your blog esp. your DIYs. I love crafting too but too busy pa. you really do inspire me a lot. �� Thanks and more power to your blog and Godbless you and your family! Cheers!

    Congrats pala to miley! She's so adorable :)

    1. Awww super thanks sis! Love hearing feedback like this from my readers. :) Good luck on your party planning as well!



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