Monday, July 8, 2013

CHAMPS Multivitamins: chewable tablets for kids

One thing we struggle with everyday at home is making my kids drink their vitamins / medicines. They hate it so much (especially Sabe) that we literally have to hold them down and force it into their mouths most of the time. It's so heartbreaking to see them crying, kicking and screaming, but you know it's for their own good. One thing that also happens a lot is that they spit out the syrup or throw it back up so we're not sure if they got the right dosage into their system.

Well, good news to parents out there - introducing... CHAMPS® Multivitamins!

The CHAMPS line, from Chemical Company of Malaysia International Philippines, Inc. (CCMIP)*, consists of vitamin preparations for the pediatric age range. It comes in several variants which have been formulated to address the specific needs of various segments of the pediatric population. These variants include CHAMPS Vitamin C, CHAMPS M, CHAMPS M with lysine, CHAMPS C plus lysine, and of course CHAMPS OMEGA 3.

What is unique in CHAMPS is that these multivitamins come in small chewable tablets and in various shapes (hearts, triangles, donuts) and tasty flavors (orange, tutti-fruitti and pineapple). This is clearly an alternative option for mothers like me who have been having headaches in struggling with their children in taking their vitamins in liquid or syrup preparation. No more spills and you can be sure of the exact dosage. :)

thank you to the company for sending these over :)

*CCM is Chemical Company of Malaysia which is the No. 1 generic pharmaceutical company in Malaysia. It has more than 400 products in over 800 SKUs or forms.  It is a public-listed government corporation in Malaysia. The company has received several citations as attestations of quality of its products like cGMP, certificate of manufacturing facility by TGA of Australia and HALAL certification from JAKIM since 1999 to name a few. The company is present in the South East Asian countries and in the Philippines CCM established its office in 2007. 


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