Thursday, July 18, 2013

Food Trippin' in Bangkok

To be honest, I'm not an adventurous type of eater at all. I'm happy with my usual favorites like fried chicken, any type of breakfast food (bacon, spam, eggs, etc.), steak, pizza, pasta... So it's really sometimes such a struggle for me to find something I like to eat whenever we travel. Friends jokingly call me the "boring eater" since they can always predict what I'll order when we go out (mostly chicken). Hubby, on the other hand, will try anything and everything! The more exotic the better. We did spend quite a lot of time eating on this trip and we revisited our usual favorites and tried some new restaurants as well.

One of our go to places to eat in Bangkok is the food court at CentralWorld Mall. I usually order hainanese chicken and fried rice, then hubby always gets his favorite oyster omelet.

can you guess which ones are mine? ;p
classic Thai dessert - mango with sticky rice
we also love the supermarket at CentralWorld!

We had quite a hard time choosing where to eat in Terminal 21 since there were a lot of choices. After checking out the food court and all the restos, we decided to eat here in MIX since we saw it was one of Thailand's Best Restaurants last year.

The food was good and I really liked the presentation (especially the rice!). But I honestly felt more busog when we ate at the food court hehe! Our total bill was about 500 baht.

One tradition we have whenever we're at Bangkok is to have dessert at Swensen's. Good thing they opened it here in Manila na din, but somehow it's just more yummy when we eat it abroad hehe! We ordered the chocolate lava and it was to die for!!!

I'm drooling just looking at this pic... YUMMMMM...
the best!

Hubby loves milk tea so he tried this Horlicks flavored one, which he couldn't stop raving about...

It's funny because after eating so much food from the country you're in, don't you suddenly find yourself craving for some fast food? And that's exactly what happened to us lol! Yey for some good ol' McDonald's!

We had dinner again in CentralWorld and finally settled on Mango Tree. Funny since we've never eaten in any of their branches in Manila, so talagang sa Bangkok pa namin na try! At least authentic diba? ;p

spring rolls
beef with basil
and.. Southern fried chicken for me! hahaha!

On our last day, I was really craving for McDo again, so we had breakfast here. Hubby also tried their new McBubble drink which was pretty good according to him. :)

Luckily, I don't think we gained weight since we kept walking the whole time! ;p

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