Monday, June 4, 2012

NKOTBSB: Best Concert Ever!

I have no other title for this post other than the one above... because last night's show was simply the best concert. EVER.

I was actually a die-hard Backstreet Boys fan back in the day. When I was in high school, I knew all of their songs and dance steps by heart, bought their albums, hoarded magazines with articles or posters of them (remember BOP? ;p) and even waited patiently while watching MTV so that I could record their videos (on our VHS!) when they came on. I LOVED them.

I still have this CD (their first) until now!

Nick Carter was my ultimate crush out of all of them. In my heart back then, he was my boyfriend (can you say delusional?). And even as the years went by and they grew older, I always thought Nick still looked the same with his boyish grin and gorgeous blond hair.

that hair. those eyes. that smile... *swooooon*

I've never seen them in concert before even though I wanted to. But I still followed news about them even as they slowly stepped away from the spotlight and boy bands almost became a thing of the past. Well, with the rise of a new generation of groups like One Direction and The Wanted, I think that boybands are definitely taking over again!

When it was announced that they were coming here for the concert, I initially had no plans to watch. A lot of artists have come and gone but I just found the tickets too expensive. I didn't want to sit in Gen Ad either especially for those held in the open grounds. But fate must have intervened since group buying sites suddenly offered the tickets at 50% off last May 31! Well, I wasn't going to go all crazy and buy VIP seats since it was still a lot of money. My sister and I agreed that we'll just get Gen Ad seats (at P530!!! what a steal!) since it was going to be held in the new Mall of Asia Arena anyways and the view would probably be a lot better than in other venues.

Side kwento: My sister was the one who got the tickets at the Groupon Philippines office last June 1. They said redemption was from 3-6pm. But after waiting for hours with all the others who bought vouchers, Groupon said that the tickets were still in MOA and wouldn't be arriving until later that night. They just offered to deliver it to everyone there the next day. I was already getting nervous that we weren't going to get to watch. Good thing my sister came back later that night and was able to get our tickets! Thank God!

We got to the venue at 5:30pm and there was already a super long line outside! Good thing a friend of mine was also there so he was able to save us a spot nearer the front. They opened the gates at about 6:30pm and you could already feel the excitement. Since we were in Gen Ad, we had to go all the way up to the 5th floor. And there was a mad rush right when they opened the doors to our section. People were just running and pushing and scrambling to get to the seats first! I was afraid there was going to be a stampede! Good thing people were a lot calmer once we got inside. Our seats were pretty good and offered a clear view of the stage.

The ticket said the show was at 8pm but that was just the front act. We had to wait through an hour before the show finally started. So that was almost 4 hours of waiting since we got to the arena. But the wait was definitely worth it!

the huge arena. this was our view from our seats.
Gen ad and upper box almost filled to capacity early on. I was actually worried that that the lower box and VIP seats weren't going to get filled up but I was wrong!
THIS IS IT!!! The super heart pounding intro...
aaaaargh!!! ear deafening screams when the boys finally appeared!
Jordan Knight looked and sounded reaaally good!

BSB's turn!
the stage lights and effects were amazing!
the boys doing their Get Down moves!
Nick Carter I LOVE YOU!!! (I don't know if it was just me but he got the loudest screams from the crowd out of all of them!)
so many people! everyone was on their feet almost the entire time!
They each picked a girl from the audience to sing I'll Never Break Your Heart. This was the only time I regretted not getting VIP seats! I'm sure Nick would have picked me ahuhuhu!
the finale! confetti everywhere!

I haven't been to a lot of concerts but this was definitely one of the funnest and most amazing experiences of my life. Everybody was screaming and singing all the lyrics at the top of their lungs. Everyone was dancing and clapping and waving their arms in the air. The energy never died down! There was no intermission since NKOTB and BSB took alternate turns performing so it was 2+ hours of non-stop boyband greatness! All the songs they sang were hits. And they still got the moves! Plus, even if I wasn't really an NKOTB fan, I still sang along to their songs that I knew! They were pretty awesome too especially Jordan Knight (what a voice!) and Donnie Wahlberg (what a body! even at 43!) My sister who was at the Miley Cyrus show said that it paled in comparison to this one since the energy was just so high all throughout. Actually, when we were going down the escalator after, you could see everyone tweeting or texting "Best concert ever!!!" hahaha!

I am so glad I was able to watch and experience this show. It definitely brought me back to my teenybopper days and a lot of memories with it. It really is once in a lifetime! As I would always say back in the day - BSB I LOVE U 4EVA!!!

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