Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Dapitan Arcade buys

Here's what we ended up getting during our shopping trip to Dapitan. My mom's goal was to buy a mirror for her sala and she got this sunburst one for just P2,000! And to think I bought a similar looking mirror at a department store for more than twice the price (and it was smaller too!).

She also got this decorative plant for just P800, a steal compared to a similar one I bought at SM for P1,800. Everything is really cheaper in Dapitan!

Now, here's what I ended up buying after much contemplation and budgeting. I've been looking for an umbrella rack for the longest time and got this for P300. I love the design and I'm already thinking what color to spray paint it with. 

This 3-tier dessert stand caught my eye because of the plate design. If the plates were different, I probably would have passed up on it. I've wanted to buy something like this to put cupcakes in when we have parties at home. The whole thing cost P500.

Paris and florals! So dainty and vintage looking, I just knew I had to get this the moment I saw it.

Now, this metal pear accent piece is one of the first things I saw when we got to Dapitan. I don't know why, but I just found it so interesting. I kept passing by the stall and I kept debating with myself if I really needed it, but I knew I'd regret not getting it. Good thing I was able to haggle the price from P380 to P250. Sold!

This hot pink buddha head was something I bought during my first trip to Dapitan. Just wanted to share it since I think it's one of my best finds ever! I believe it cost around P350.

Anyway, since I was just accompanying my mom to Dapitan, I set a strict budget for myself that I'll only spend P1000 if ever I do buy anything. So:

Umbrella Rack           = P300
3-tier Dessert Stand  = P500
Metal Pear                = P250
TOTAL                   = P1050

Mission accomplished! ;p

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