Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hooked on Fish & Co.

Hubby & I had some errands to run in Makati. We decided to have lunch in Greenbelt after and as usual, we had such a hard time deciding where to eat. After strolling around, checking the different restos, plus lots of "what do you feel like eating ba?" and "you decide!", we finally ended up at Fish & Co.

The last time we ate here was probably a year ago. So our taste buds were craving the fish and chips dish once again! And it was just as yummy as we remember.

New York Fish & Chips
Baby Back Ribs & Onion Rings
Seafood Rice
Dalandan Juice

We were were definitely stuffed and satisfied after our meal. Though it was a tad bit expensive since our total bill came to about P1,300. Vins was joking we should have just eaten in Yakimix, buffet pa haha. But we were still happy with our choice. As we said in the survey they gave out after the meal: "ISDA Best!" (seriously we did write that down).

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