Friday, June 8, 2012

DIY: Picture Frame Wall Gallery

I finally got around to hanging the picture frames I had amassed over the last couple of months. If you read my post on how hard it is to hang anything around the house since my husband absolutely hates drilling holes in the walls, well you can be sure this was a struggle as well! I finally convinced him to get to work after bribing him that I won't bother him when he plays NBA on his PS (whatever).

I bought all white frames so that it would look uniform even if they were different shapes and sizes. I couldn't find a white frame for the two biggest photos though, so I just made do with a wood finish (which I can just paint white later on). Btw, all the frames are from SM.

I spent quite a bit of time arranging and rearranging the frames until it finally looked balanced. I was putting them up on the corridor leading to the bedrooms so the frames were split up into two sets for the walls facing each other.

wall 1
wall 2

I traced the frames in scratch paper and taped them on the wall as a guide for how the frames would look like. I had to move the cut outs around until the spacing of the frames were equal.

We still ended up with a couple of mistakes though because we tried using those Handy Hardwall Hooks which you just hammer to the wall so no more drilling needed. Unfortunately, this didn't work on some parts of the wall since the nails just didn't want to go in! It ended up damaging the wall. For the others that worked, the hook was clearly visible at the top of the frame which I hated. Lesson learned, just drill from the start! Luckily, we were able to cover the damages with the frames so no biggie.

Anway, here is the finished product!

wall 1
wall 2

I am so happy with how it turned out! Finally, our photos are displayed properly where we can appreciate them. And they not only look good, the fact that they're on the walls means the kids can't reach and accidentally break them (we've had quite a few of those around the house). Plus, since they're right by our bedroom doors, we can't help but smile every time we enter or exit our rooms. Even Vins agrees that it was a good idea (what was that again? I was right? thought so.). I just love gallery walls and I still have some frames left over for another one in the kids' room. Time to buy more nails!

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