Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Favorite Resto: Shi Lin

Alabang Town Center has opened an entirely new wing and with it a myriad of new stores and places to eat. One of the places we got to try recently was Shi Lin, a Taiwanese restaurant. It reminded me very much of Din Tai Fung, famous for its Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings).

I really liked the interiors especially the hanging lamps. When you enter, you're greeted by a glass window showing the kitchen crew making the dumplings. Miley and Sabe had fun watching them work.

Of course we ordered Xiao Long Bao, and it was DEEE-LICIOUS! It tasted just like the ones from Din Tai Fung. I was first introduced to these suckers by my friend when we were in Singapore a couple of years ago. I didn't want to try it at first since I just liked normal pork dumplings and I thought having the sauce inside would be weird. But I'm glad I did because I've been hooked ever since.

Other stuff we ordered were noodles and rice toppings. I've tried both the chicken chop rice and the pork chop rice and both are really good! I can eat them all day. ;p

noodles with peanut sauce and sesame oil
rice with pork and egg
chicken chop rice

I've already eaten here twice and the prices are also very reasonable. The last time Vins and I ate here, our bill was about P800 and we ordered the 10 pcs. Xiao Long Bao (sorry gutom), Pork Chop Rice, and Noodle Beef Stew. We were stuffed! I believe they also have an older branch in Podium. So the next time you're in ATC, try eating in Shi Lin. My mouth is watering now just thinking about the dumplings and the fried rice. I for one can't wait to go back!

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