Thursday, June 7, 2012

Despicable Me

This is Miley's favorite movie and we've already seen it 100+ times. We watch it almost everyday (sometimes even twice a day!). I never really expected her to like this movie but she just loves everything about it! I think she really connects with the 3 little girls (and thinks she's one of them ;p). She is completely engrossed from start to finish (as in she watches until the end of the credits). In fact, I think she can act and recite the whole movie!


I guess Agnes is her favorite character since she knows all her lines. Like this scene when Agnes says "Does this count as annoying?" Miley even does the cheek patting action! She also loves doing the breath holding scene when Agnes' unicorn is destroyed, the ballet scene when Agnes does a pinky promise with Gru, and the "Got your leg!" scene where Agnes hangs on to Gru's leg right after he adopts them. She runs to her Dad every time (even if he's sleeping) and holds on to his leg too haha! ;p


She also keeps laughing whenever she sees Vector. She just finds him hilarious especially his outfit ("These are not pajamas!"). She loves it when he says the line"I'm Vector, doing crime with both distance and magnitude! Oh yeah!" which she says along with him with matching hip thrust action.


This scene below has inspired Miley to scream at the top of her lungs whenever we go on a flyover or the many levels down a parking ramp... I think she'll like rollercoasters when she grows up.


And her all time favorite scene... the one when the girls come back from selling cookies and we're introduced to Ms. Hattie for the first time. We act out this scene all the time, with me playing Ms. Hattie and Miley saying the lines of the girls.


Miley: Hi Ms. Hattie! We're back!
Me: Hello girls!
Miley: Did anyone come to adopt us when we're out?
Me: Hmmm... let me think. NO!!!
Miley: pretends to put something on top of a desk
Me: Edith! What did you put on top of my desk?
Miley: Mudpie!
Me: You're never gonna get adopted Edith, you know that right?
Miley: I know...

My gosh, I know the whole movie by heart already! At least I should be glad this is the movie she likes since its super cute and really funny (I have a friend whose 3 year old daughter likes The Corpse Bride! yikes!).

So it was no surprise that my husband just had to buy this minion stuffed toy when he saw it in the mall the other day. It cost P500 and worth every penny! Now we can act out scenes with our new friend! ;p

Anyway, back to the show! Can you guess what movie we're watching now? =)

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