Saturday, June 23, 2012

A trip to Manila Zoo

While browsing through my files, I found our pictures from a trip to Manila Zoo a couple of months ago that I forgot to post about! Well, better late than never right?

The last time I went to Manila Zoo was years ago. I remember being so traumatized after seeing the animals. Most of them were so thin and dirty. I've been to the zoo abroad so it was definitely a shock seeing the animals in small, filthy cages that looked and smelled horrible. The lion, who was supposed to be the king of the jungle, looked like he could barely walk. I couldn't even see the animals in the water since it was so murky. Instead of fluffy fur, some animals looked like their hair were falling off. Instead of having a good time, I was so depressed that I swore when I grew up, I would do something to save those poor animals from this harsh prison they called home...

Well, that didn't happen. I graduated, worked, and had kids of my own, those poor animals forgotten. Until the day that I decided to go back to the zoo. Both my kids love animals so I figured we could go and visit Manila Zoo to see how it is now. I've heard feedback from some people that it was definitely better so off we went! We went during a weekday at around 7:30am so that it still wasn't that hot. Entrance fee was P40 for adults and P20 for kids below 4 feet.

The first thing we saw when we entered was the elephant. He looked lonely but at least his cage looked clean. Although I think it was still too small for him! 

The place was definitely a lot cleaner (and better smelling) than I remember. At least this was an improvement from the last time I was here. The kids were still amazed with the animals they saw. =)

baa baa black sheep
black and brown zebras
at least the tiger looks healthy
this monkey was just freely roaming around (eating a lollipop!) I was scared it would jump on us!

Side kwento - what was funny is that there was a shooting for a GMA show when we went there. Of course, my mom who was with us wanted a picture. Here she is with Miley having their photo taken with Elmo Magallona haha! ;p

The main zoo was okay but the highlight of our trip was really the Kinder Zoo. Right before you exit, you'll see the entrance to the Kinder Zoo which is basically a petting zoo. What was irritating though is that you have to pay another fee to go inside - P100 per person! I almost didn't want to go in anymore, but I figured it will be a nice experience to interact with the animals inside.

Right before you enter, you can have your picture taken with some animals like this baby croc. I was so scared to touch it (can you see how excited Miley looks as well?). Vins however loves this kind of stuff so we gamely posed for the camera.

Since we were there early, we had the whole Kinder Zoo to ourselves! I guess the entrance fee is put to good use since this part of the zoo was so clean and nice. =)

amazing lego displays scattered around

What's nice is that you can roam around freely and touch the animals. Its a good learning experience for the kids too.

Daddy getting a turtle for Miley...
but she ran away! (akala niya hahabulin siya ;p)
the BIG tortoise! the zookeepers kept telling us that we can sit on its' back while we were taking pics (kawawa naman)

There were also lots of birds just perched on the tree branches...

Then the zookeeper brings out this monkey for us to play with. Honestly, I was really scared of the monkey being close to the kids since you never know what it might do (baka parang When Animals Attack!). And actually, after we had our photo taken with the monkey, it suddenly ran away and the zookeepers had such a hard time getting him back!

Daddy with his newest baby

Now this is the highlight of my day. The annoying zoo attendant suddenly placed this parrot on top of my head without any warning! As in one moment I was admiring the bird, then the next second it was on my head! 

Then he proceeds to dump the parrot on Miley's head!!! With the dirty chain hanging from its foot! Not cool. Poor baby! Good thing she was just chill, not like mommy who was freaking out. (siyempre Daddy was there to document everything ;p)

Here we are at the entrance again getting our photos taken with the parrots. There's actually a professional photographer there who takes and prints your photos after a few minutes for P100. We decided to get the one below as a souvenir. =)

I can honestly say we had a fun day. Manila Zoo still has a long way to go in terms of providing the animals with the best possible living environment. But at least I've seen some improvements. I do hope in the future though, this zoo can be renovated into a place we can truly be proud of.

Btw, we were told that Kinder Zoo accepts bookings for parties which can be held at the Kinder Zoo Party Barn (no air-con though). You just have to pay for the entrance fee of all your guests and of course arrange for catering and decors. Just another alternative party venue for parents out there. =)

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