Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Before & After: Upholstered Baby Armchair

This chair was given to my sister as a gift when she was a baby so it has been around for almost 2 decades. Good thing my mom never threw it out even as we were growing up since it has now been passed on to my kids! =) The original upholstery is now faded plus Miley even ripped out the fabric on one side causing this sorry state below.

Good thing I had some fabric which I told you about here. I brought the chair to a nearby upholstery shop and they finished the job after 1 day (probably since the chair was so small haha). So can you guess which fabric I used? Well, here's the reveal!

I decided to go with the floral one since it was my favorite out of all the fabrics. I love the bright, bold statement it makes and it goes perfectly inside Miley's room. Now the chair looks as good and as new as ever!

Looks like I'm not the only one happy with the finished product! Here's Miley chillin' on her couch (now you can see how small the chair really is)...

and here's the little boy engrossed while watching cartoons!

The kids are happy, but mommy is happier! Hooray! =)


  1. sooo pretty! i like it alot! =)

  2. hi helene! saw a link to your blog from maqui's site and well, ive not stopped reading since. =)

    I made a DIY project from the same fabric. Love it on your mini chair. here's the link:

    1. Hi Leslie! It's really such a beautiful fabric. And I love how you used it on your dining chairs. =)

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