Friday, August 9, 2013

The kids' new toy: Crayola's Magnetic Double Easel

Do you remember my problem about the kids writing all over our walls and furniture? Well, I think we've solved it for now... because we just bought this new magnetic double easel which the kids are crazy about! :)

P2,999.75 from Toys R Us

One side is a chalk board, then the other side doubles as a white board / magnetic board. I also bought coloring materials like chalk and markers. The chalk I got was "dustless" but there was still dust particles after writing. And the markers I bought couldn't be erased by the eraser that came with the package. I think you really need to buy white board markers. I had to use a damp cloth to clean the board. Good thing the markers are washable since they used it on the chalk board as well and I was still able to remove it. ;p

Look how serious the two are. My very own artists! :)

These are the magnetic letters and numbers that come with the set. Miley loves arranging them by color and then Sabe messes everything up hehe!

You can also attach paper to the large clips on top for drawing and painting...

I don't mind spending on stuff like these since it fosters their creativity as well. They're so happy with their new toy and we're happy too since they're not writing all over the house anymore... so far! ;)

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  1. This is really worth the investment. Ours is an Ikea easel and my pre-schooler loves it, too. We've never had a case of writings on the wall and we intend to keep it that way as the hubby is too lazy to paint, haha!



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