Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Go Gilas Pilipinas!

I really have no interest in sports like basketball. I think I only get a little bit excited when I'm cheering for DLSU vs. ATENEO during UAAP season haha! Well, I really had no idea what the FIBA Asia Championships were, aside from the fact that hubby kept watching basketball on TV everyday last week. Last Saturday, hubby invited me to come along for a dinner with his colleagues since all the wives were coming along too. :) Since it was apparently the semi-finals match between the Philippines and Korea, they decided to have the dinner in Overtime Sports Bar in BF so we could all watch the game.

It was my first time ever to watch a game in a bar and let me tell you, the atmosphere and level of excitement is really different! At home, I'm sure I wouldn't even have batted an eyelash at the TV, but watching it with a crowd really gets your heart pumping. The crowd was cheering and shouting and jumping everytime the Philippine team made a shot. And I found myself cheering and shouting and jumping along with them too! It was really a well-deserved victory for the team. Before, I wouldn't have been able to tell you a single name of a basketball player but now, I know their names and faces already haha! I love Jimmy Alapag and Marc Pingris! Oh, and that #14 player from Korea is so cute hahaha! All the girls were gushing over him haha! ;p

Well, I have to say that after watching that match, I am now a certified Team Gilas fan! Hubby was able to watch the championship match live against Iran and I watched at home (kulang un ticket e haha!). And although they failed to win the championship, it's still an honor because they get to go to Spain in 2014 and play with the best in the world. So again congrats to Team Gilas! Laban Pilipinas! :)

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