Saturday, August 24, 2013

DIY: Pearls as flower vase fillers

Back in January, I bought these faux flowers from Landmark (P170 each) which I cut and then did some impromptu flower arrangements (like sticking it in an empty tequila bottle) since I didn't have proper vases yet.

Anyway, I finally bought some glass vases from Landmark again (P120 each). Although they were now the perfect height, I definitely needed to fill the vase with something to hold the flower up.

I originally wanted to fill them with beans or rice for that organic look, but Hubby went against it saying it'll just attract ants. Luckily, I had all these old (fake) pearls from broken necklaces and bracelets which I never threw out (like I always say, being a hoarder does have its benefits!).

At first, I dumped all the pearls in then tried to stick the flower in, but then the stem wouldn't go through. So I found that holding the flower in place, then dropping the pearls in works better for the arrangement (it also keeps the flower centered).

Here's the finished product! I think the colors of the pearls match my black and white wall perfectly. And doesn't it look so elegant and classy? :)

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