Monday, August 5, 2013

How our bedroom really looks like...

You may think that my home looks perfectly kept together with some of the posts that I've done showing some areas of the house. You have to understand though that I've had to stage those shots so it looks really nice and post-worthy. I've always wondered if the homes I see in magazines and blogs really are so perfect and neat all the time. If ever they are, I guess the only explanation would be that they don't have children lol! ;p

THIS is how our bedroom looks like most of the time after my kids ransack the place. I've given up trying to clean up after them because no matter how much I do, they immediately mess up everything again.

This isn't even the worst our bedroom has looked since they usually dump more toys (and food!) on the floor, which they get from their room (which is also a mess). Once they're done with our room, they move on to the next area which is usually the dining room, then the living room. I absolutely hate clutter but I think I've gotten immune to it already haha! I can totally sleep at night with all their mess around me. Sometimes, I'll just be surprised to find a random toy or even a cracker under the sheets! haha! ;p

Well, I can't really take all their toys away or forbid them from playing. They're kids after all and we didn't get them all those toys just to store them away or just to look at them. I just have to accept the fact that I'll probably have an organized and uncluttered home in around 10 years? ;p

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