Monday, August 26, 2013

Scenes from the weekend

Finally, we were able to go out last Saturday after all the rains and floods had subsided. The first thing we did was go have our measurements taken for the upcoming wedding of my friend. I'm going to be a bridesmaid and Miley will be a flowergirl. Miley was so excited since she thought we were going to fit her dress already hehe. But I saw the designs and it looks adorable! I can't wait to show you our dresses when they're done! :)

Another thing I had been wanting to do for the longest time was to give Sabe a haircut. His bangs had grown so long they were always in his eyes already. I had considered cutting his hair myself but Hubby forbade me since it didn't go so well last time haha! Anyway, off we went to Cuts 4 Tots in Glorietta where he got his previous haircuts (here and here).

I was already pretty nervous going in since I knew he didn't have the best experience the last time, especially with the razor. And I was right since he immediately remembered the place and didn't want to go in! After all the coaxing with toys and videos, he still kept saying NO. So we just said we'll come back after he falls asleep...

Once he fell asleep, we raced back to the salon but once Yaya carried him, he immediately woke up! But the barber started talking to him and saying "we'll just comb your hair ok?" and before we knew it, the barber started cutting away already! Plus, it was a good thing they had a Cars 2 DVD because it kept Sabe distracted pretty much the whole time. We asked not to use the razor anymore since it would scare him and the whole haircut went smoothly. We were all breathing a sigh of relief after since Sabe was such a good boy! I think he won't be scared anymore for his future haircuts. :)

Here's the BEFORE and AFTER look. And we all just love it!

Hope you're all enjoying the remainder of the long weekend as well! :)

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