Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Biogesic's Ingat na Damang-Dama Stories

If you've read my posts a couple of days ago, you know that everyone in our house has been sick these past few weeks. One of the things I've been thankful for is that our househelp have been holding up pretty well, especially since they're the ones taking care of the kids with me and hubby sick in bed all day. Well, they aren't superhuman and soon after, I noticed that our Yaya started to get the sniffles too. Hubby immediately gave her Biogesic to help with her headache and colds. He also keeps reminding them that "Dapat mag-ingat tayong lahat mas lalo na uso talaga ang sakit ngayon." One thing we have to remember is to take care not only of ourselves, but also our househelp since they do so much for us. And I'm happy to say that we've all been feeling so much better lately. :)

Do you have your own Ingat na Damang-Dama story to tell? Biogesic is currently running a promo wherein everyone is invited to send in their stories are about the people who took care of us or the people we extend our hands to with the help of Biogesic. You could win P5,000 or have your story made into a short film. For more information on this promo, check out John Lloyd's video below and also visit Biogesic's Facebook page. Ingat! :)

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