Sunday, August 18, 2013

Another year older

Yahoo, today is my birthday! Haha, I wish I could be as excited as I was when I was a kid every time my birthday would come along. But as the years pass by, I honestly don't get as thrilled as I used to about growing older hehe. I keep joking with hubby that I've stopped counting my age last year when I turned 30. ;p Well, I'm 31 now and as they say, nasa kalendaryo pa naman ako e haha! And this will be my mantra from now on:


Ladies, don't you agree? haha! ;p Anyway, here's some lines from a birthday poem someone sent me:

Another day older,
more pages added to my folder.
I'm glad of whom I am today,
I would not have myself any other way
So don't mind that I write my own birthday rhyme,
I've lived through my life up till this time.
I think it is safe to say,
that things will go as planned His way.
He's got more for me yet,
It'll be even better I bet.
Another year older,
and I am in His debt.

Seriously, I have so many things to be thankful for and I'm just so happy for all the blessings that I've received in my life. My 20's was great with me getting married and having kids but I can't wait for all the other things that my 30's has in store for me. Bring it on! :)



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