Friday, August 3, 2012

DIY Sunburst Wallart (version 2)

Here's another version of the sunburst wallart I did using corrugated paper. This time though, I used different colors and a mirror in the center instead of a cork pad.

For detailed instructions on how I made the rays, just check out my post here. Anyway, here are the materials:
- corrugated paper (P69.50 per pack at National Bookstore)
- pencil, ruler, scissors (to make the rays)
- masking tape
- glue gun
- mirror

I found this small round mirror at Daiso / Japan Home Centre for just P66. The diameter at 3.5" was just the perfect size.

Instead of overlapping the rays like I did last time, I just laid them all flat and placed them side by side. I did have some trouble though since the size of the rays didn't form a perfect circle. That's why I adjusted the sizing of the white rays (notice how they're thinner than the rest).

Once I was happy with the arrangement of the colors, I then taped all the rays together at the back.

 Then, just glue gun the mirror to the center...

And there you have it, a super cute and inexpensive sunburst mirror. This is so light you can just use heavy duty double sided tape to stick it to your wall. I still have to figure out where to put this though, maybe in my son's room once I get around to fixing it up? =)


  1. wow ang ganda! gusto ko neto! pero iniisip ko kung san banda sa bahay ko sya ilalagay



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