Monday, August 13, 2012

Ramen X

One of the new restaurants we've tried in Alabang Town Center is Ramen X. Most of the new restaurants are actually on the ground floor of the new wing so we were quite surprised to find this place tucked away on the upper floor with all the clothing shops (it's actually right beside Rip Curl).

They had very affordable ramen and rice bowls (prices were from P99 to P159). We actually wanted to try the Wafu Dogs but they didn't have it that time.

This is what we ended up ordering:

shoyu ramen
minced pork rice bowl
good thing for rice eaters like me ;p
and they also have milk tea!

Overall, our meal was ok, nothing great. But I guess with the price, what can you expect. I wasn't so happy with my rice bowl, I wish I had ordered Katsudon instead. But it was filling and very affordable so it was good enough for me. =)

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