Saturday, August 11, 2012

Style Watch: The Girls of 90210

One of my guilty pleasures is watching 90210. I admit, I was a big fan of the original Beverly Hills 90210 series, so at first I just wanted to see how it would compare. Now, 4 seasons later, I'm terrible addicted to the show. ;p


Part of it is also because I love seeing what the girls are wearing every episode. I super want their clothes and accessories! They are all gorgeous and have their own unique style, I can't decide who's my favorite character! They're all my girl crush! ;p

ANNIE (played by Shenae Grimes) moved to Beverly Hills from Kansas during the start of the series. So her style is a mix of laid-back Californian, midwestern girl and quintessential student. Her look used to be conservative and preppy (the typical girl-next-door) but her style has evolved as the show has progressed. She now wears more sophisticated outfits and isn't afraid to show some skin.


NAOMI (played by AnnaLynne McCord) is the popular blonde bombshell and sexy vixen always trying to be the center of attention. She's usually in bondage dresses or bikinis to show off her figure. Lately though, her style has evolved to include more business-like attire, like pencil skirts and suits. Whatever she ends up wearing though, she always manages to look sleek, sophisticated and very expensive!

SILVER (played by Jessica Stroup) is funky and edgy (I mean, just look at her name). But she mixes it up with feminine pieces while always looking completely unique. Her style also includes menswear inspired pieces like blazers and vests. She likes mixing patterns and prints and always layers with tons of accessories.


ADRIANNA (played by Jessica Lowndes) is an aspiring singer. Her style is very girly and sweet so she's always in dresses and skirts. She's also quite petite and curvy so this type of feminine look suits her. Personally, I think she is the prettiest out of all the girls. =)


IVY (played by Gillian Zinsner) is the latest addition to the cast of girls. She's a surfer chick so she has a bohemian, laid-back, Californian style. Everything she wears just looks so cool and effortless. Kind of like she just threw on the first thing she saw and she still looks great. She finishes her look either with a hat or shades. And my favorite part about her look: her beachy waves!


What's great about the fashion on this show is that you can totally recreate it. And it has style inspiration for anyone, whether you're going for the classic, sexy, edgy, girly, or bohemian look. =)

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