Sunday, August 5, 2012

The finish line

And now I can breathe! Just found out a while ago that hubby already finished the Ironman triathlon race. According to him, his body was shutting down already on the bike (like I mentioned, he got sick just a few days ago) but I'm still so proud of him for finding the strength to cross that finish line. Thank you God! =)


Here's a pic of Vins during the bike portion of the race. Good thing it was sunny in Cebu on that day, unlike the rainy weather here in Manila.

Piolo Pascual was also there in Cebu (he was part of a relay team) and I kept telling Vins to have a picture taken with him (sorry, I really love Papa P)! Can you believe they were also together on the flight home, as in just a few seats away from each other, and still no pic?! Haaaay, men! Instead, he gets a photo with the women's champion Caroline Steffen.

Here's the welcome home banner me and the kids made to surprise Vins when he got home. He LOVED it! =)

The most important thing about finishing? Well, aside from your own personal satisfaction and accomplishment, why the medal of course! ;p Look at the gorgeous medal they gave out this year, designed by none other than Kenneth Cobonpue.

So again, congratulations to all the participants and finishers! Good job to all of you (especially to my hubby!). You all deserve to relax and unwind... and then train again for the next race. ;p

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