Sunday, August 26, 2012

JML Wet Straight Pro Titanium Flat Iron

Another item I bought during the SM Makati sale was a flat iron. I've been meaning to buy for the longest time, but I just wasn't sure which one. When I went to Watson's, one of the salesgirls asked me if I wanted to try the JML flat iron on my hair. I was a bit skeptical at first since I wasn't familiar with the brand. But I figured why not and it turned out great since I had a dinner later that evening and my hair looked fab! ;p

Anyway, she presented me with either the ceramic or titanium plate flat iron. My sister has the ceramic one, which is cheaper at P1500, and it works just fine. The titanium one however, which costs P2549.75, came with a free case (which you can buy for P250 separately) and has temperature settings. Plus, you can use the titanium one on wet/damp hair (hence the Wet Straight Pro name).

I did some research on the difference of the plates to find out which was better. I read online that titanium flat irons are preferred by professional hair stylists and hair salons due to their capacity of heating up in a flash. Titanium based plates are also scratch resistant and will last you much longer then a plain ceramic flat iron. (source)

So despite the price difference, I ended up getting the titanium flat iron. Since it was on sale as well, the price came down from P2500 to just under P2000.

I guess what really sold me to get the titanium one was the adjustable heat settings (140C to 210C). I don't want to use it at the highest setting since I freak out a little when steam comes out from my hair. I've been using it at 160C and it works great on my hair. And even though you can use the iron on wet/damp hair, I'm not planning on doing that anytime soon. I'm forever scared it will fry my hair even though it says its safe to do so. ;p

Anyway, some of the other features of this iron are the ff:
- Special ionic technology locks-in moisture, protecting and smoothing in one east step
- Anodised thermal plates heat up in seconds
- Ideal for all hair types, especially unruly hair
- 2m salon length swivel power lead

I also bought some hair sprays to prevent further damage to my hair when using the flat or curling iron. These cost P300 each also at Watson's.

Here's to more good hair days from now on! =)

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  1. Thanks for the review... i just bought one awhile ago and wasn't sure if i did the right thing. but what convinced me to buy the wet straight pro was its ability to straighten the hair and still make it look shiny, unlike others i've tried which made my hair straight but dull and dry.



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