Sunday, August 19, 2012

SM Makati sale loot: Kids clothes

I went to the SM Makati sale last Friday with 2 things on the top of my shopping list: a full-length mirror for our sala and a sofa bed. There were many nice mirrors to choose from but the color of the frame just wasn't right (I was looking for either a gold or white one, but almost all were dark wood). I wasn't feeling the selection of sofa beds either. So did I end up buying either one? Nada. Instead, I just spent most of my time in the children's section. =)

Since it was on sale, I stocked up on basic sando/shirt sets. One thing I learned when I had kids is that you'll end up needing and using "pambahay" clothes more often than the going out clothes. When I first got pregnant, I kept buying dresses, frilly tops, leggings, skirts, etc. for Miley. It was only after she was born that I realized I was lacking basic clothes for her to wear in the house. After all, we were home most of the time and would only go out for doctor's visits or family gatherings during the first few months. Most of the outfits I bought or were given as gifts were barely or never used (so I need to have another daughter haha!). Anyway, I've been buying their "pambahay" clothes in SM ever since. I like that there's a wide selection of cute designs to choose from. Plus, they're super affordable too so you can buy a lot without breaking the bank (and you need a lot since you'll end up going through at least 2-3 changes per day).

Of course, I couldn't resist buying some cute clothes as well. The leggings for Miley and the collared shirts for Sabe were all just P150 each. Steal! And super nice quality too! =)

To be honest, I try to not buy too much outfits for the kids since they still have a lot from birthday and Christmas presents that have never been used. But when you're out shopping, its so hard to resist when you see something cute (especially if its on sale)! Before, I'd kinda feel guilty after buying so much stuff for myself. But now, whenever I go shopping for my kids, I feel like I'm shopping for myself only better, gets? haha! ;p

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend everyone!

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