Friday, February 17, 2012

Miley's DIY Jungle Safari Party

I've been so busy these past few weeks in preparation for Miley's 2nd birthday. We weren't really supposed to do anything, but one thing led to another and suddenly we had friends and family coming over to celebrate with us. Being the OC/perfectionist/stage mom that I am, I wanted Miley to still have a fabulous party despite just celebrating at home.

I initially planned on just making a banner and some cupcake toppers at first, but when I found out we were having guests, well let's just say I went wild! I just love anything to do with parties, planning and organizing. I spent hours online looking for inspiration and tried my best to execute everything according to how I had envisioned it. I kind of wish I had more time to buy other stuff especially for the candy buffet I wanted to do, but I'm still extremely satisfied with how everything turned out.

Miley just loves animals so the obvious theme for her 2nd birthday party was JUNGLE SAFARI! I also love colors and prints so I also incorporated a lot of these in the decors. Did all the layouts in photoshop and printed them on bond paper or cardboard.

Bunting banners printed on bond paper and held up with yarn. So easy to do plus they make great backdrops for picture taking.

Did pom-poms out of crepe paper. Such a fun an inexpensive way to dress up a room for any occasion. Got the tutorial here.

Personalized bottle wrappers.

Party hats, one of my most favorite DIY projects! See how I did them here.

More decors! The zebra printed glasses where I placed the plastic spoons and forks are actually part of a toothbrush holder set. I wanted to do a candy buffet but didn't have time to buy glass containers to display them nicely. I just served Potchi (one of Miley's favorites) and Jelly Ace.

Bought cupcakes from Cielin's Cakehouse in BF and just added the DIY toppers. Loved the overall effect of the assorted designs!

 Chocolate cake also from Cielin's. Used the extra cupcake toppers to decorate the otherwise plain cake.

I still had too much cupcake toppers left over so I had an idea to stick them on upside down plastic cups and use them as centerpieces.

My mother-in-law prepared the loot bags filled with candy. I made the thank you tags and also did a JUNGLE JUNCTION (one of Miley's favorite shows) coloring book. I just went to the Disney Junior website and printed the colouring pages already provided there. I did the cover in photoshop and bound everything together with yarn. Viola!

Food, food, and so much food!

We invited Miley's neighborhood friends to come over for a playdate and they had a blast! No one wanted to go home.

Here's Miley on her brand new slide! A gift from her Mama and Lolo.
The kids had so much fun playing together!

I had so much fun working on Miley's birthday that I made a promise to myself to try and do a themed party every year even if we're just celebrating at home. I have so many ideas already for next year!

I just have to share this photo! Miley looks like an elephant since the photo was taken right when she bit on the plastic cup! hahaha! Even Miley can't help but laugh everytime she sees this picture! She points to herself and says "cups!"

Happy birthday dear Miley! Now, off to work on Sabre's 1st birthday party which is happening this April!


  1. wow this is gorgeous! i'm planning something similar for my daughter's birthday. DIY, i mean. may i ask how you did the patterns for the banners and toppers? am a total idiot when it comes to photoshop and graphics.

    -rheea (n@w)

  2. Hi Rheea! To make your life easier, you can try going to the website where they have all kinds of party printables you can order (you can search jungle safari printables). The party packages can even be completely customized for you. Once you order, you will receive an email of the items in pdf or jpeg format and then you can just print them. Good luck on your party! =)

  3. Thanks! But I wanted to DIY coz I don't want to spend ;p Anyway will also check it out. Thanks again!



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