Monday, February 6, 2012

War Runner

Congratulations to Vins for finishing his first ever full marathon last Sunday at the Condura Skyway run! He ran the 42k course at around 5+ hours. According to him, that was the hardest thing he ever did (hmmm, try niya kaya manganak? joke!). I wanted to come and see him at the finish line just like what we did last year, but the race this year started at 12 midnight (exag!). I couldn't sleep the entire time though. I woke up at around 5am and waited for Vins to call and update me about his run. Anyway, we just took pics when  he got home hehe!

HUGE MEDAL! Vins will wear this daw for 1 year (sige lang ha!)
Sabe, the future triathlete. He'll start training when he turns 3 daw... good luck!
patay gutom Sabe! He really will eat ANYTHING!

We just spent the whole day at home with Vins sleeping and recuperating. As a treat, we ordered Papa John's pizza in the afternoon while watching War Horse (which I LOVED!). The movie was very fitting to what Vins endured during the marathon, haha! ;p

Anyway, I'm so proud of Vins for finally doing this. He's been training so hard despite his busy schedule and I'm glad it paid off. He has a couple of triathlon races lined up this year, but the next biggest one is the Ironman 70.3 in Cebu this August. So good luck and more training for him!

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