Sunday, February 19, 2012

Miley's Jungle Safari Party: DIY party hats

One of my most favorite projects I did for Miley's party was these DIY party hats. There are so many templates online that you can use and you just need to print these on cardboard paper, cut and roll them up, then stick the edges together with double sided tape.

The original hats I made looked like these. They already looked cute on their own, but I wanted to make them look extra festive. So I decided to add pompoms at the top!

The pompoms are actually very easy to do. I got the full tutorial here and I think these make a great addition to any party!

STEP 1: Get strips of crepe paper
STEP 2: Cut fringes along both sides
STEP 3: Scrunch up the strips just like you're crumpling a piece of paper. 
I used 2 strips of paper per pompom.
STEP 4: Tie a piece of string in the middle to keep the pompom together.
 STEP 5: Poof up the fringes at the top and bottom until it looks like a little ball.
 STEP 6: Put some masking tape on the top of your party hat.
 STEP 7: Stick the pompom on top.

Tada! Super cute hats both kids and adults can wear!


  1. These are super cute. I've tried looking for these printed hat templates online but cannot find. Can you direct to where you go them?

    1. Hi! Actually you can just type "party hat templates" on either yahoo or google. Try searching images since its easier to see which ones you like. Hope this helps! ;p

  2. did you find a template for these designs? or did you get a blank template and designed them on your own? just like diane, i could not find these and i would love to have them as they're super cute!



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