Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our baby girl turns 2 (Miley's birth story)

Today is Miley’s 2nd birthday! This day brings back so many memories from the day Miley was born, so let me share with you her birth story. 

Miley’s birth was definitely an unexpected one. It was so unexpected that I actually missed 2 baby showers haha! When I was pregnant with Miley 2 years ago, I was still very much working in an ad agency in Makati. The day before I gave birth, I had lunch at Greenbelt with my officemates then after, went on a shopping spree in Mothercare (they were on sale!).  My office is just near the mall so I just walked going back carrying all my shopping bags - which I think was partially the reason why I went into labor. 

Now the main reason I went into labor is this. That night, Vins said he was going out for drinks with friends and would be home around midnight. When Vins is out, I can’t really sleep until he gets home. So there I was, waiting and waiting, excited to show him what I bought from Mothercare. Vins gets home at around 2 or 3am, drunk. I’m super PISSED at him, but I figure I’ll just save it for the morning. After a few minutes of sleep, I wake up feeling period like cramps and like I have to go to the bathroom. I didn’t think much of it since my due date wasn’t for at least 2 more weeks. I wake up several more times during the night, and then finally I noticed light spotting after I went to pee. I then read What To Expect When You’re Expecting on signs of labor. I kinda had a gut feeling this was it though but since this was my first pregnancy I couldn’t really be sure. The last thing I wanted was to drag Vins all the way to the hospital for false labor. Anyway, to add to everything, at about 6am, our lights go out! We then find out that the brown-out was just in our house since one of the electrical wires on the roof was in flames! Our yaya grabbed the wire with bare hands and was able to prevent the house from burning! After that near panic mode and with everyone calmed down, I asked Vins if we could go to my OB-GYN for a check-up. Vins looked at me like I was crazy and asked if we could just do it next week (since he was obviously drunk and wanted to sleep). I told him that I was feeling cramps and just wanted to have it checked-out. Finally, he agreed (as if he had a choice). I hadn’t packed anything yet for the hospital so I did that in about 5 minutes, just in case this was really it. 

Before going to the hospital, I even passed by the office first to tell my boss that I would be gone for a few hours. I guess I must have looked like hell since my reliever at that time asked if I was ok since I looked so pale! To which I replied that it was probably coz I didn’t have make-up on pa kasi haha. Anyway, Vins and I then headed to MMC. While waiting my turn, I was still experiencing cramps and to make it worse, Vins was making me laugh the entire time (pure evil!). Anyway, when my OB-GYN finally saw me, she did an internal exam and found out that I was already dilated at 2cm! So yes, the cramps I had been feeling since early morning were indeed contractions!

Vins actually had a flight to Bangkok that afternoon so thank God he was here and he was able to cancel it. I was admitted at around 1pm, bore through the contractions all the way till around past 8pm, and finally gave birth to our 6lbs 10oz daughter at 8:38pm after pushing for just about 10 minutes (even I couldn't believe I was still able to push despite being so tired, thirsty and hungry)! 

still smiling for the cam despite intense contractions!
FINALLY! Welcome to the world Miley!
Our beautiful baby girl who would change our lives forever.
1 month old Miley

It’s now been 2 years and I marvel at how fast time really passes by. Before we know it, I’m sure Miley will be going to school, making her own decisions, hanging out with her friends…  But for now, she is and will always be our little baby girl. We love you Miley and happy 2nd birthday! Don’t grow up too fast ok? =)

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