Wednesday, April 5, 2017

DIY Heart Wall Stickers

Lately, I've been searching online for design inspiration for my daughter's new room. At first, we were thinking of painting the walls pink or some other color. But then, I figured we'll just stick to white for now and then just add pops of color through the furniture and other decor.

Remember the triangle accent wall I did a few years back? Well, I sort of wanted to do something similar especially after I saw this online store WhiteWallsPH, selling wall decals. I really liked the gold hearts and I inquired how much the stickers cost. Well, it was P500 for a pack of 36 pieces.

Hmmm... I guess it's the "kuripot" side of me but I figured why pay P500 when I could try to do it myself right? And I wasn't sure if 36 pieces would be enough for the wall, I might have to get 2 packs and that would be P1k already!

I figured I'll see if I could find some gold sticker paper first and if I couldn't find any, that's when I'll consider buying. So off I went to National Bookstore and luckily I found this which cost P49.75 ONLY (5 sheets). Yey!

I then cut out a template heart on cardboard paper so it would be easier to trace. TIP: for the perfect heart shape, I just searched online for heart cliparts and then printed it out. Size of the heart is 2.5" x 2.25". I then traced the shape on the back of the sticker paper. I was able to fit 17 hearts in 1 sheet.

I personally love cutting stuff so this was a fun activity for me. I was able to cut 3 sheets of hearts in about 2 hours while watching TV. Maybe even less time if I wasn't distracted by my show haha!

And then I just did measurements on the wall to figure out the distance of the hearts from each another. I used a total of 40 hearts and still have extra sheets in case I want to do another wall. So that's like P50 vs P500 for this project! And I think the end result looks the same right? I'll take a better picture of the entire wall when the whole room is fixed already. :)

So if you don't mind spending a few hours cutting up shapes, this is a super inexpensive project anyone can do. I also saw silver sticker paper in National Bookstore in case you want another option. Or use plain white if you have colored walls (like what I did HERE). You can also cut different basic shapes like circles, diamonds, or stars. But if you hate cutting and don't mind spending a bit more, you can always buy from WhiteWallsPH, especially if you need specific colors. The other sticker sheets I saw in National were mostly neon colored kasi. Hope you liked this DIY project and let me know if you do try it out! :)

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