Sunday, April 2, 2017

Room renovation part 2

Here's an update on what my daughter's new bedroom looks like. If you haven't read my past posts, all she wanted for her 7th birthday was her own room (plus loft bed). So we granted her wish and renovated one of the rooms in our house. You can read all about part 1 HERE.

Anyway, here's how her new cabinets look like. I really like the sliding doors since it's such a space saver. However, the kids love playing with it and hiding inside!

Love how everything is still so shiny!

The lighter part tiles by the wall is where the old cabinet was. So this is the new flooring they put in. The lighter color doesn't really bother me since that's where the bed will be anyway.

I also had them paint over the walls with a lighter shade to make the room brighter.

Anyway, the loft bed finally arrived after 2 months! I ordered this from Mobler, an Ikea reseller based in Makati. Total cost for the bed was P12,800, plus delivery of P620 and assembly fee of P420.

I actually wanted to buy this bed when we were in Singapore since it's so much cheaper there (SG$199 so about Php7,000 only!). But then when we asked around for the shipping cost to Manila, it was crazy expensive! The one from Mobler ended up being cheaper pa. Haaay how I wish Ikea in the Philippines would just open already!

I'm still slowly decorating the room so watch out for the room tour soon! And we have to buy an aircon pa and other furniture like a desk and bookshelves. For now, I'm kinda enjoying the bare space since it's so clean and organized. I'm sure once we've fully furnished it, it's going to be so cluttered with toys na naman haha! :)

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