Thursday, April 20, 2017

A LEGO Birthday Party

My little boy Sabre is now 6 years old and he wanted to have a Lego themed party this time around.

We actually celebrated his birthday almost 2 months in advance because he wanted to have a party in school with his classmates. And since they had rehearsals for Moving Up Day in March, the only date we had left was on the last day of February. Super aga haha! ;p

Anyway, I actually saw some really cute Lego themed party decor in National Bookstore. They had paper napkins, cups, cupcake toppers, and balloons. I just ended up buying the table cover (P229) since I was also trying not to spend so much. The party was just going to be in their classroom anyway for a short period of time.

I really love how the table cover was the perfect touch to my whole set up! Super cute! :)

To make the birthday banner, I just searched for a free downloadable Lego font online.

And to jazz up this plain chocolate cake, I added some Lego figures with the birthday candle.

Too bad the number on the Duplo figure's shirt is 8! It would have been perfect if it was a 6 haha ;p

I also searched online for Lego faces and used these for the cupcake toppers.

The giveaways were probably the thing that stressed me out the most. Remember, I was caught off guard with the party date and thought I still had until early March to prepare. I was actually in Vietnam last February 20 when I found out that February 28 was the date given to us by the school. So I had like only a week to prepare everything!

Good thing our family friend Joy of Fabrika MNL came to the rescue! She does custom fabric printing and I had already told her before I wanted to have personalized lootbags made. Thank goodness she was able to make everything on such short notice.

These drawstring bags are 10"x12" and I was able to get them the day before the party whew! Thank you Joy! So if you want custom printed anything, check out Fabrika MNL!

I filled the lootbags with cheap "Lego" toys ;p

And also assorted snacks and goodies.

Plus Play-Doh which I got on sale.

Here are the lootbags all filled up. I just love the boy and girl Lego faces which match my cupcake toppers!

I also made Thank You tags taking inspiration from my table cover.

Sabre loved everything and of course he had to make his own Lego creation for the big day. ;p He's actually so creative when playing with Lego. He can build all kinds of stuff even without instructions, like robots, guns, cars, and spaceships! And he can build even the most complicated sets without my help anymore. :)

Happy birthday Sabre! We love you so much!

Here's his classmates doing the "dab"! Their teacher said it was Sabre who taught everyone how to do it haha!

I really can't believe one more year to go and this guy turns 7! Ang bilis! Happy birthday again baby, and may all your dreams and wishes come true.


  1. Congratulations on what seems to be a successful school party, Mommy! :)

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