Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Room renovation part 1

All my daughter wanted for her 7th birthday was a loft bed and her own room. She fell in love with the Svarta loft bed from Ikea, so we ended up ordering this from Mobler last November. It's still not here yet, so I'm getting a bit impatient na haha! But for the room, she currently shares one with her brother (see their room HERE and HERE). But of course we knew they would need their own space when they got older.

One of the rooms we have is currently a guest room/storage room. But the layout just isn't right for the loft bed. What I wanted to do was remove the existing closet since I think the loft bed would fit better on that side of the room.

I was first thinking of hiring an interior designer, but then I figured I just needed a carpenter to execute what I wanted. And of course, para tipid din. I just searched online for pegs of closet layouts so the carpenter could copy it.

Getting started! Feeling nasa HGTV show lang lol! ;p

Closet removed! We saved the doors and other wood so we could use it for other projects. They were actually able to make a new cabinet out of it for our yaya's room. :)

New closet starting to take shape.

Drawers are painted and polished:

The wall is smoothened out, ready for painting:

Since the closet was removed, they had to fix the flooring from where the cabinets used to be. The one inside the red area is the new flooring. They would then varnish the entire floor after so the color would match.

 I asked for sliding doors for the new closet since it will also be a space saver.

It took them 2 weeks to finish everything. I didn't know ganun pala kahirap gumawa ng customized cabinets. And my gosh, the dust and smell when they were constructing everything! They also removed the old aircon and sealed the hole where it used to be (we'll get an inverter na lang) plus they also repainted the walls. Anyway, can't wait to show you the finished room when the bed arrives and everything. Still have to buy a couple more furniture like a desk (thinking of having this customized as well) and maybe a bookshelf. I'm also thinking if a teepee will fit? We'll just have to wait and see! :)

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