Thursday, March 16, 2017

My Little Mermaid

Since I just posted about my niece's Under the Sea party, I figured I'll share this very rare sighting of a mermaid...

Haha the mermaid tail is actually the pasalubong of my sis-in-law which she bought from this seller in It is a bit pricey though, and it's more expensive as the sizes get bigger. So since we got the size 9-12, the price was $65 plus $7 shipping.

My daughter chose the color teal and it was really so pretty in person. It's a bit big for her pa, but I like it so she can wear it for years. It's open in the bottom part, so she can walk when out of the water.

So many people asked us where we got the tail when we went swimming in Palms. And little kids would point to her and say mermaid or Ariel! :)

The material is really nice, but only con is that the "scales" come off especially when it rubs on the floor of the pool or the ground. There are some shiny parts near the bottom of the tail or in the knees that got removed. Oh well, at least it's not that noticable when in the water or unless you look closely.

But anyway, my daughter finally got her wish of becoming a mermaid. And did you know that Ariel is my all-time favorite Disney Princess? Can't wait for the live action version of this movie to come out! Hoping to bring this to the beach this summer for a nicer photoshoot in the ocean. :)

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