Monday, March 13, 2017

La Chinesca in BF Homes

Hubby has been craving for Mexican food quite a lot lately (check out our Silantro experience HERE.) So when a friend posted about La Chinesca, a small tacqueria in BF Homes, we immediately wanted to try it out especially after hearing a lot of good reviews about it.

La Chinesca is the brainchild of Chef Bruce Ricketts of Sensei, Mecha Uma and Ooma. This is his first Mexican restaurant and he decided to open it in Aguirre like his first restaurant, Sensei. What's funny is that hubby and I couldn't find La Chinesca for the life of us the first time we tried. We had Google Maps and everything but we couldn't see it talaga! The thing is, it's located beside Amalia's but it's so discreet we kept passing by it without knowing it was just there!

Anyway, here's what  La Chinesca looks like from the outside. I honestly thought it was part of Urban Organics on the left because it was also color black, plus they have NO SIGNAGE.

Their only sign is their logo of a Luchador on the door. That's it!

We had just picked up my son from school and we finally saw they had just opened so we knew we had to eat here na. Anyway, the inside is super small, with seats good for just 10 people. No wonder it's always full, because of the limited space as well. And when we entered, we saw my cousin there! Then after we were seated, the parents of our friend came in as well! So funny we knew everyone eating there that time lol. Ang liit ng place, lahat lami chika-chika lang ;p

But despite the small space, the place looks and feels so vibrant with all the fun and interesting posters they have on the walls.

Their open kitchen makes the space feel bigger as well.

Here's their menu, but they also have off-menu dishes and specials every week, based on seasonality and what’s available.

We ordered 3 different tacos:

Guisada De Res - stewed beef shoulder, lengua, bell pepper, rice, pinipig


Carne Asada - hanging tender, esquites, Chinesca crema, salsa fresca


Carnitas - achiote pork confit, bean puree, pickled onions, roasted pineapple, chicharron


Here are their different sauces, ranging from mild to hot.

Loved the mixture of the flavors and everything tasted so interesting. I liked the carne asada the best, while hubby liked the carnitas. Anyway, I'm really glad so many Mexican restos are popping up here in the south. Will definitely be back to try the other food items.

La Chinesca
248 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes ParaƱaque 
Tuesday to Sunday: 11am-2pm, 5pm till we're out
(02) 738 0724
Instagram: @lachinesca

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