Monday, February 27, 2017

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

Remember my daughter's birthday party in McDonald's? Well, I mentioned in that post how they already have existing party decors but I still wanted to add a little something. My husband was saying I was just making my life more difficult haha! But come on, DIY makes me happy! If I could have decorated the whole McDonald's, I think I would lol. Since my daughter's theme was rainbow colors, I decided to make these paper flowers as centerpieces for the tables.

Anyway, I bought rainbow colored crepe paper at National Bookstore. Actually, I originally bought these to make a paper tassel bunting for her pictorial, but I had a lot left over so that's when I decided to make the flowers.

P10.50 each

I just folded them in half and cut them into squares. These were about 10"x10".

I chose 4 different colors per flower.

Stack the sheets and fold like an accordion. My folds were about an inch thick.

Fold it in half.

Tie a piece of string around the center fold. Then cut the edges into a rounded shape.

Fan the flower out.

Then carefully pull each layer apart from each other towards the center.

Hold the flower at the base where the yarn is and don't be afraid to fluff the paper to fill in the gaps. They actually look like smaller versions of the paper pompoms I did years ago (which I also made for my daughter's 2nd birthday!).

I then mixed and matched all the other colors so the flowers would all look different.

I then found these rainbow colored cups at SM grocery which I used as the "vase" for my flowers. These were less than P80 for 25 pieces. I only ended up using 15.

I then placed each flower in the cup. Again, don't be afraid to arrange and fluff out the "petals" more if needed, just be careful not to rip it.

Here are all my flowers! Don't they look super cute? I love how they turned out!

Here's how they looked like at the party:

I also used the same rainbow colored cups to hold crayons for the coloring sheets I provided.

I think these would look great in any party, especially since they're super cheap and easy to do. You can even attach "stems" using floral wire and put them in real vases for a more formal occassion. :)

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