Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Downtown Vancouver

Here's the last part of my Vancouver travel diary. For the rest of my Canada posts, click HERE. :)

Anyway, hubby and I loved exploring downtown Vancouver. I enjoyed being in the bustling city, just walking around and feeling the vibe of the place. There were a lot of shopping and dining spots everywhere. And I loved seeing the buildings with really nice architecture.

street performer
waiting for the bus
Robson Street is Vancouver's most famous shopping street
Pacific Centre Mall is the largest mall in Downtown Vancouver
view from the train
the largest public art museum in Western Canada
the beautiful Waterfront Station, the city's main railway station

Of course, we also went to Gastown to see the famous steam clock. I loved the cobbled streets and there were many stores selling souvenirs here.

food trucks
one must have a Japadog (a Japanese style hot dog sold in a food cart) when in Vancouver
spot me trying to cross the street!
bus lines

I took this random shot by the street since I liked the mosaic colors. And guess what? The CHAINSMOKERS liked my pic on Instagram! Haha I think maybe it's a theater they performed at siguro.

Anyway, I really loved Vancouver and hope to be back soon!

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