Wednesday, August 3, 2016

DIY Linggo ng Wika costume

It's the month of August already and for school kids, that means Linggo ng Wika! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to buy a baro't saya or Maria Clara outfit for my daughter since there wasn't one available in the mall I went to. I had to leave for a trip soon and didn't have time anymore so I just had to improvise. :)

Well, what's funny is that I remember a lot of my classmates when I was Grade School wore this type of costume when they didn't have anything else to wear. It's so easy kasi to do!

Basically, all you need is a plain black top and leggings. Luckily, we already had these in my daughter's closet.

shirt from Uniqlo, leggings from SM

Then, get a scarf or shawl in a tribal print if you have one. I got this striped one since the other designs available just didn't work. And it was 50% off from SM which amounted to just P150!

I also got this metal headband for just P129.75.

This necklace I bought from Kultura in SM Aura a few weeks back. Good thing it fit perfectly with the look I was going for.

Lastly, I just bought some sandals (P99.75 from SM) which she can also use afterwards.

Then, just put everything together and finish off by draping the scarf over the shoulder. And now you have yourself a princess from Mindanao! I just love how cute it turned out and also how comfy it is since she'll have to wear this the whole day at school. And the best part is, every single thing from this outfit can be used again. Like I can wear the scarf and also the headband haha! So there you go, hope this gives you an idea for an easy Linggo ng Wika costume if you don't have time to buy one. :)



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