Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pico De Loro Beach & Country Club

During our stay at Pico De Loro, we rented a condo via Airbnb. As mentioned in my previous post, you will have to pay a separate club registration fee so you can have access to all the facilities in the resort. Since we went on a weekend, guest fee rate for adults was P1,200 per person (discounted for senior citizens), P400 for kids 4-12 years old, and free for 3 years old below. This is a one time payment for the entire duration of your stay. I believe if you go on a weekday (Monday to Thursday), guest fees are lower.

There are different buildings around the property, namely the 4 condominiums (Jacana, Myna, Carola, Miranda), the Pico Sands Hotel, the Pico De Loro Country Club. and the Pico De Loro Beach Club.

The Pico De Loro BEACH CLUB is for members and guests accompanied by members only. So the member should be physically present at the time of registration so he or she could endorse you personally. The Beach Club is right by the beach and has a pool, although it is smaller than the one at the Country Club. But since this is for members only, there are considerably less people here, especially during weekends.
that building on the far end is the Beach Club

As regular guests having paid the club registration fee, you will have access to all facilities except those for members only. So all guests have access to the Pico Beach, the Country Club pools, shower areas and locker rooms.


You will have to wear a wrist band upon registration for your entire stay. If it gets ripped or detached, you can just get a new one at the Country Club lobby.

Use of gym, basketball, badminton, squash courts, and other activities have separate costs which you will have to pay if you want to use them.

Personally, I think the pool area at the Country Club is much nicer than the one at the Beach Club. It is definitely bigger too. The only problem is you can expect a lot of people here especially if it's the weekend. We stayed Saturday to Monday, and there were so many people on Saturday. But Sunday and Monday, we practically had the whole place to ourselves.

The view of the man-made lagoon and the surrounding buildings from the pool were so nice!

I liked that there were lifeguards on duty all the time
the Country Club restaurant

There was also a kids play area in the Country Club but we weren't even able to set foot here since we were enjoying the pool so much! I wasn't even able to take a pic of the place so I just googled these images for reference. Definitely next time. :)


Everyone also has access to Pico Beach, where you can do outdoor activities like banana boat, jetski, cove tour, scuba diving, paddle board, water taxi, kayak, and snorkeling for a fee. The rate for guests vs members is also more expensive.

Again, if you can, avoid going on a weekend because there really will be a LOT of people. This was on a Saturday and there was even a team building happening on the other side.

Good thing most people probably checked out the next day (Sunday) so it was more relaxing to hang out by the beach.

Take note that the sand is dark. And you can only stay in the water until 6:00 PM. The lifeguards will really ask you to get out. But you can still stay in the beach and hang out, just not go swimming.

Our condo at Miranda was actually walking distance to the beach but far from the Country Club. But it is possible to walk along the paths along the lagoon. Also a good place to go running, which I saw a lot of people doing in the morning.

There are free shuttles that will take you to the different parts of the property. Usual wait is about 10 minutes or less.

We really enjoyed our stay at Pico De Loro and can't wait to be back!

The Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club
Hamilo Coast, Nasugbu, Batangas
Website: picodeloroclub.com

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