Monday, August 29, 2016

Renting a Pico De Loro condo via Airbnb

Finally, my family and I were able to go to Pico de Loro for the first time about a month ago. It was my mother-in-law who organized the trip since my brother-in-law and his family were visiting from the States.

Before, only Pico De Loro beach unit owners or Pico De Loro country club members were allowed to enjoy the facilities. But now, Pico De Loro is open to the public via the Pico Sands Hotel or by renting a condo. At first, we were thinking whether to stay at the hotel but since we were a lot, my mother-in-law just decided to rent 2 condo units through Airbnb.

If you check Airbnb, each condo unit has a different look depending on how the owner decorated the place. So really up to you to decide which one to book based on your taste and availability. And of course what size based on how many you are:
Studio (31.87 - 35.28sqm) - max of 4 pax, estimated rental ranges from P5,500 to P6,000
1BR (39.54 - 55sqm) - max of 6 pax, estimated rental ranges from P6,500 to P7,500
2BR (91.39-124.35sqm) - max of 9 pax, estimated rental ranges from P10,500 to P12,000
3BR (125.47-205.08sqm) - max of 12 pax, estimated rental ranges from P15,000 to P16,000

There are also 4 condo buildings namely JACANA, CAROLA, MYNA, and MIRANDA (see map for reference). The units we got were at Miranda which was closest to the beach. If you want it closer to the Country Club which is where the pool is, you should rent a unit at Jacana or maybe Carola. But don't worry, there are free shuttles that will take you to the different parts of the property. But it is possible and also nice to walk along the paths along the lagoon.

Guest Endorsement and Authorization Forms will be sent via email which you will need to present upon registration at the main gate before entering Pico De Loro.

guest registration area

This is where you will also pay for club registration fees so you can have access to all the facilities. Since we went on a weekend, guest fee rate for adults was P1,200 per person (discounted for senior citizens), P400 for kids 4-12 years old, and free for 3 years old below. This is a one time payment for the entire duration of your stay. I believe if you go on a weekday (Monday to Thursday), guest fees are lower.

You will be given a wrist band which you will have to wear to have access to the facilities. If it gets ripped, just go to the Country Club lobby where they will replace it with a new one.

We also got a guest cash card which is a pre-paid card valid for 1 year. The card is P50 and minimum initial load is P1000, which is needed if you want to make purchases at the Country Club like food for example.

Check-in was 2pm and check-out was at 11am. The unit caretaker was there to welcome us, give the keys and show us around the unit. Anyway, we were laughing so much when we were unloading our stuff since it looked like we were moving houses! What's nice about staying in a condo is you can cook. And my mother-in-law brought so much food like there was no tomorrow lol! The unit provides kitchen housewares and cookwares for use, but we brought our own paper plates and plastic utensils.

This was the unit where my family stayed. It was a studio unit, with a queen sized bed and a sofa bed. It could fit 4 adults comfortably, but we also brought an airbed for the kids.

This was the sofa bed. We also brought our own beddings and pillows.

Our unit had a balcony which provided gorgeous views of the mountains, lagoon and the other buildings around it. You could even see the beach and Country Club from a distance.

It also had a drying rack which I loved. Don't you just hate it when you stay at hotels and you don't have space in the bathroom to hang anything since all the wet clothes, bathing suits and towels are there?! And they don't even dry properly since it's inside.

This was the other unit which was much bigger but didn't have a balcony. It had a queen sized bed and 3 sofa beds.

This was how the condo's corridor looked outside our room.

We stayed for 2 nights and had a great time. Although I wouldn't mind staying at the hotel next time just to try it out especially if overnight only. Next up, I'll be blogging about the facilities like the beach and pool areas of Pico De Loro. :)

The Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club
Hamilo Coast, Nasugbu, Batangas

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  1. Thanks for the info, I love the interior design of the condo.



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