Friday, August 12, 2016

The Dessert Kitchen in Rockwell

I haven't been to Rockwell in quite some time, so I was happy to meet some friends there for merienda one afternoon. And where else to get dessert, but The Dessert Kitchen!

The Dessert Kitchen is a franchise from Hong Kong & a cafe dedicated to desserts known for their all natural, wholesome & tasty treats made fresh daily. Their first branch here in Manila which opened earlier this year is located at the 3rd floor of Power Plant Mall in between Fully Booked and Muji.

open kitchen
cute interiors
love this wall!

The Dessert Kitchen offers a wide variety of desserts like ice creams, parfaits, sundaes, shaved ice, puddings, and many more that use high-quality and healthy ingredients. Honestly, it was so hard to order since there were so many choices! We really wanted to taste everything. We asked what their bestseller was and they said it was this, Purple In Love.

Well of course we had to get it! This award winning dish is made with Kyoho grape seaweed balls, grape shaved ice, mini rice balls, grapes, and taro mochi ice cream. It definitely looks so pretty right? I'm more of a chocolate lover, but I liked the overall grape flavor of this dessert.

Purple In Love P258

Cocoa Kiss is more my thing with its chocolate ice cream, coffee jelly, cocoa crisp, banana, chocolate pearls, and vanilla ice cream. Yum!

Cocoa Kiss P168

We also got a savory dessert called Bacon Dracula which is made of bacon eggette and comes with a cheddar cheese sauce. I liked the eggette which was really light and sort of reminded me of a crunchy pancake. And of course, anything with bacon is a winner in my book. ;p

Bacon Dracula P228

Hubby loved green tea so he got this Taste of Uji made of green tea syrup, mini rice balls, red bean, and warabimochi. Again, it was very light but still quite filling.

Taste of Uji P188

I also had to get this mango sago cream with pomelo. Very refreshing, although not as sweet as I would have hoped.

Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo P188

My daughter wanted some chocolate ice cream so we just asked for a cup. My mistake is that I didn't even ask for the price. I was surprised when I saw the bill and it was P128! For that one scoop! Well, it was honestly delicious but she didn't even like it since it had some choco bits (she's a very picky eater). We should have bought na lang from the grocery downstairs the regular Magnolia one, baka half gallon pa un equivalent ng price lol!

Anyway, desserts are quite pricey but definitely good for sharing. We had a great time here since the ambiance was also very nice and chill.

3/F Power Plant Mall
Rockwell, Makati
Instagram: @thedessertkitchenph

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