Sunday, October 26, 2014

Our new bed (with tufted headboard!)

The first major purchase hubby and I made after we got married was our plasma TV. Then, we bought our bed hehe. ;p We just wanted something simple and classic, so this is what we ended up buying in SM.

Back when this was the only piece of furniture we had, when we were still staying at my mom's place. Sarap, walang kalat!

It held up fine all these years, but as the kids got older, they learned to jump on the bed. And they loved jumping on it until I noticed a couple of months ago that there was already a huge crack on the bottom of the frame:

broken right in the middle!

Hubby tried to fix it, but as you can see, he didn't do a very good job hehe! He used electrical tape and picture frame hangers haha! It was one jump away from fully collapsing so we decided to just buy a new bed.

This time, I knew I wanted a bed with a tufted headboard. Aside from it looking so nice and elegant, I wouldn't have to worry about the kids hitting their heads on the frame anymore (which has happened so many times!).

We went to SM Our Home and found this bedframe (queen-sized) which was on sale from P29,950 down to P23,960. And there was an additional 10% off since we got it during the mallwide sale and we had an SM Advantage Card. Plus, it was payable in 6 months, interest-free! Yey SOLD! :)

You can even customize the color of the upholstery (they showed us swatches like black, brown, red, blue) but in the end, we decided to go with what we saw on display which was this grayish color. With the new taller height of the headboard, my pole wire decal is a little bit covered though. Still thinking if I should keep it or just hang something on the wall. What do you think? :)

Anyway, super love these studs that run along the sides too!

And check out the sturdy base! I think it has enough support for the kids to jump on all they want haha! ;p The only cons would be that there's no space to put anything underneath (I used to have some orocans under the old bed for extra storage) and it's now harder to get all the dirt and dust under the bed (hirap walisin!) But it looks so nice so parang tiis-ganda na lang diba! :)

I think in the end, I'm kinda happy the kids broke the old bed so we could get this new one. Super happy with it! And hope it lasts a lot longer than 5 years! :)


  1. yay!! pretty new bed! I'd love one as well para hndi afraid na maumpog ang baby hehe!!

    1. Yes, ever since wala ng accidents na nauumpog hehe :)



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