Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Seoul, Korea: Shopping at Myeongdong

After visiting the N Seoul Tower, we then headed to Myeongdong for some retail therapy!

cute graffiti wall in the area

Myeongdong is located in central Seoul and is a really a shopping paradise featuring a mix of local and international brands.

Here you'll find all the Korean cosmetic brands side by side, and in practically every corner! Plus, everything was on sale, with lots of buy 1 take 1 deals. I have to admit, it was really overwhelming for me since I was so confused what was the best product, brand, shade to get. I think I must have stepped inside each make-up store at least 2-3 times, just scoping out and comparing stuff. But what's nice is that if I suddenly decided that I finally wanted something, I was sure to find that store again because they're really everywhere! ;p

Ended up buying a little something from these beauty shops. I got some lipsticks, nail polish, facial wash, concealer and of course BB cream! So much cheaper than in Manila, plus love the free samples they give too. :)

All the high-street brands are also here like Forever 21, Uniqlo, Mango, Zara, etc. I couldn't help myself and ended up doing most of my shopping at H&M where I got some good stuff on sale. :)

And of course, lots and lots of street food! It was so fun just trying out different things whenever we got hungry from all the walking and shopping.

Hubby and I found this giant meatball so yummy! It was our favorite among all the street food we tried on this trip.

There were so many restaurants to choose from, but we ended up eating here since it was full of people (so we figured it must be good). Turns out Yoogane is a really popular resto in the area. :p

We ordered their Chicken Galbi fried rice, which they cooked right in the middle of our table. It was just ok for me, not something I'd want to eat again hehe. But at least I can say I've already tried it. :)

Myeongdong was pretty crowded though, especially in the narrower streets where it was hard to even stop to look at stuff. I personally think it would be quite challenging to bring small children here with you, especially if they're in strollers.

But as a shopaholic, I certainly loved the vibe of this area. If given a choice next time, I would want to book a hotel near here so I can just walk around whenever I wanted. But I'm sure, ubos ang pera lol. Hope to be back here soon! :)

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