Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Seoul, Korea: Hello Kitty Cafe

After visiting the Trick Eye Museum, we stumbled upon the super cute Hello Kitty Cafe also in the Hongdae area. If you read my blog, you know that my daughter Miley loves Hello Kitty and it was even the theme of her 3rd birthday party. So I guess it was really meant to be since I didn't even research beforehand where this place was. I just mentioned to hubby that it would be nice if we found it, and then it was right there! I mean, how could you not miss this very pink building in the middle of the street right? :)

We just had to go inside and have dessert even though we were already so full from lunch. And it was literally cuteness overload!

As expected, everything inside was pink and screamed Hello Kitty, down to their food and drinks.

coffee and smoothies
cakes and waffles
Hello Kitty-shaped mousse cakes
Hello Kitty water
Hello Kitty furniture and merchandise

We decided to sit at the 2nd floor, which was more spacious and again, very pink. I could just imagine my daughter Miley going crazy here. It was like a Hello Kitty playhouse all blown up.

We ordered a Choco Banana Waffle (4,500 won or about Php200) and a cup of water (1,000 won or about Php45). We actually didn't drink the water and instead brought it home for Miley as a souvenir hehe. ;p

There were also writings all over the walls with messages, notes and names of people who've been here. I think this is really common in Korea since there were also a number of other places we visited with lots of dedications written all over too.

Of course, we had to leave our mark as well - plus a little message for Miley (we definitely have to come back with her next time) and our boys. Good thing I had a pentel pen in my bag hehe. Always prepared lol! :)

If you're a fan of Hello Kitty or just want to have some coffee or dessert in the Hongdae area, then you definitely have to drop by. :)

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  1. These souvenirs cute, delicious cakes, old houses. Great, excellent, wonderfull.



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