Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dayrit's Burger & Roastbeef House, BF Paranaque

I remember Dayrit's from my childhood days because my family, especially my lola, loved this restaurant. We would frequent the branch in Buendia Ave. back then and I would always order the same thing, their hamburger steak.

This restaurant really brings back so many good memories for me, so imagine my surprise when we saw this sign while driving in BF one day. A new Dayrit's branch had opened right here in President's Ave!

Of course, we had to try it right away since we hadn't eaten in Dayrit's for a few years now. We had the whole place to ourselves since it was a weekday, or maybe since people in the area don't know about this place yet.

There were so many good things we wanted to try and order, but of course we had to have their Roast Beef and Hamburger Steak. Check out their menu below:

Special Iced Tea and Dalandan Juice
Roast Beef Plate
Hamburger Steak

They also have a frozen meat section...

and other Pinoy delicacies for sale.

 We also had to buy their famous Chorizo Macao (P420 per kilo). Can't wait to eat this!

I'm so happy Dayrit's is now here in the south! Now we can have ultimate comfort food so close to home. Everything was really good and we will definitely be back to try their other menu items.

35 President's Ave. BF Homes, Paranaque


  1. Yay, we don't need to go all the way to Magallanes anymore to eat at Dayrit's! :D

  2. As of this time, they have transferred to SM BF Paranaque.

  3. This is what I'm looking for. Thanks for sharing



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