Thursday, October 2, 2014

Arriving in Korea

Here's my first post from our Korea trip last month. Like I said before, this was a business trip for hubby and I just tagged along. These are really the best kind of trips in my opinion since I don't have to worry about booking hotels or transportation since it's provided for already. Plus, may per diem pa si hubby so sulit talaga! ;p

It was so hard for me leaving the kids behind especially baby Skyler. But I was also excited to travel with hubby and spend quality time together. Funny nga coz everyone was commenting and joking us, naku baka baby no.4 na yan ha! Made in Korea! Haha sorry to disappoint, pero wala! ;p

ready for our adventure

It was my first time to ride PAL's new Airbus 330 and their business class was so nice. The chairs recline to a full lying down position (180°) so it was so comfortable to sleep!

They also gave out iPads since this plane doesn't have TVs anymore. All the movies, shows, and even games are loaded here already.

After 3.5 hours, we landed in Incheon and finally in Korea!

Their airport is so big we even took a short train ride to get to immigration. When we got out, there were so many ladies in traditional costume welcoming passengers for the different tour groups. I couldn't resist and just had to take a photo with some of them. :)

Incheon Airport

We were booked at the Golden Seoul Hotel which was about 40 minutes from the airport. The location was convenient since it was just a few minutes walk to the nearest train station (Yeomchang). There was also a huge Daiso at the station which was always my last stop before going back to the hotel.

The hotel staff was also very helpful and spoke English well. I was able to ask them to put my ice packs in their hotel freezer so I could bring my breastmilk home

The cons would be that it's quite far from the major attractions in the city. There weren't also anything interesting around the area. We would spend a total of about an hour on the train (plus walking and transferring pa to different lines which could get confusing!). I also didn't bother venturing out on my own since I was scared of getting lost. Whereas if we were somewhere like in Myeondong, we would have saved a lot more time commuting. Plus I could have just walked around and gone shopping when hubby was at work (pero more gastos din hehe).

The hotel is big and the rooms are nice in my opinion. The room they gave us even had a queen sized and single bed (kasya pa isa! ;p). The bed and pillows were super soft, especially the comforter which was so fluffy! It made it so much harder to get up early in the morning. :)

There was wi-fi and also a plasma TV, although there were only a few English channels (2 movie channels and the rest were news like CNN and BBC).

I also found the bathroom nice and clean. There was a bathtub and also a high-tech toilet with temperature settings. The seat warmer was a winner lol! ;p

Buffet breakfast was also included in their restaurant. They had bread, cereals, and fruits, but the main dishes were the same every single day. I ended up eating the same thing which was fried rice, bacon, sausage, potato and eggs. By the last day, I was so sawa na, I ended up eating out na lang hehe. ;p

What was nice is they had a few restaurants and a convenience store right across the hotel. We ate here on our first night after arriving from the airport, and also bought snacks and drinks.

no English so just point to the picture hehe ;p
my first meal in Korea, Bulgogi!

Stay tuned for the next series of Korea posts! :)

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